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Integrity Virtual IT is your private cloud ERP solution. We blend decades of experience with cutting edge technology to ensure that your customers’ expectations are exceeded.

Integrity – we help companies realize recurring revenue by providing secure, high-performing cloud hosting services for their customers’ ERP software stacks.


Security is the backbone for any hosting environment. Put another way: without great security, almost nothing else a hosting provider does matters. We go above and beyond to ensure that your customers’ data are protected.

We provide a secure tunnel directly from your customer location to our facility, with full end-to-end encryption.

Your customers’ data will be encrypted at rest within databases as well as on backup media.

We have independent auditors perform annual checks on all our systems, and we are certified for PCI requirements.

Some hosting providers stop with these services. We go a step further by setting traps for the bad guys. This has the dual benefit of redirecting attacks away from the real data plus collecting valuable information to hand over to authorities.


We’re always watching our infrastructure to make sure not only that it’s running, but also that it’s operating at peak performance. We have literally thousands of metrics we track every day, and we’ve built automated tools that alert our team 24x7x365 about any problems. We pride ourselves on knowing that something is wrong before your customers do.

database optimization

ERP is only as good as the reports you can generate from all that connected data. If your database isn’t properly optimized, you might wait days for a single report or not be able to generate it at all. This is a big reason why ERP systems “fail” in the eyes of customers: they don’t meet the promises made when they were purchased.

Integrity’s SQL Server experts ensure that your customers can get the information they need out of the system when they need it. Our decades of experience can also help your customers write better reports based on best practices. Your customer is looking to you to ensure the money they spent on the system was worth it; we can help.

high availability

In addition to security, customers expect that their systems will be available when they need them. If you’re just focused on disaster recovery, you’re not doing enough. We built high availability into our solution architecture from day one.

Every piece of the infrastructure is basically doubled. A disk could fail, a network link go down, or even an entire server crash and your customers would never know.

Should a disaster occur, your customers’ data is fully backed up every day.

Redundancy is only good if applications can switch over to the new systems. We’ve set up our environment so that failover is automatic and seamless, with no downtime for your customers’ access to their applications.

the "pod"

Having been in business for a number of years, we’ve come up with a standard setup that can scale with a customer. We call it the Integrity Pod Architecture™. Each “pod” contains multiple servers that are sized according to customer needs, and are designed to scale “horizontally” (meaning we add more servers rather than replacing a server with a bigger one) on the fly.

In other words, you might leave on a Friday and come in on a Monday to an expanded infrastructure without ever knowing it (except everything runs faster). Also, all components are redundant so that any single piece could fail completely (even an entire server) and your customers would never know.

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